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My name is Angelia Sparrow. I've been a member here since the series was airing.

These days, I run Inkstained Succubus Press.

We've got an anthology call out right now that begs for talented writers to get published and get paid. Filed off is a collection of fanfiction turned into original fiction. Any fandom, any pairing, any heat level. But you must "file off the serial numbers."

If your story is between 5000 and 10000 words, and you'd like to give this a try, check out the submission guidelines at All anthologies pay royalties on a quarterly schedule.

(We have a number of anthologies open right now, and are always reading stand alone work)

Thank you for your time, and my apologies if you see this more than once.

show music

Hi folks,

Is there a web page where I can find playlists of the music used in the show? I'm specifically looking for the song used at the beginning of 1x03, but any other information would be great.

eta: found it: is the cover of im nin alu on cheb i sabbah's album la kahena.

Sleeper Cell now on DirecTV

Just wanted to pop in and say they've been re-showing Sleeper Cell on DirecTV 101. If you have DirecTV you can catch it on that channel every Wednesday. I'm hoping that this means DirecTc bought a third season, similar to what they did for Friday Night Lights but I have seen nothing on the Internet to support that.

Also, for an unpopular opinion, I have to say I like Gayle. She really doesn't seem that bad.
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Fic Post -- one slash, one gen

I posted this today for smallfandomfest and thought I'd cross post here.

Title: Seeing Allah
Author: moosesal
Pairing/Characters: Christian/Tommy (with mentions of Zhara and Tommy's mom)
Rating/Category: NC17/slash (with het mentions)
Spoilers: general season 1
Summary: Christian reflects on his relationships with lovers and with Allah.
Beta: Thanks to romanyg for the beta.

Seeing Allah


I wrote this for Yuletide, but never linked here.

Title: There Is No God But God
Author: moosesal
Characters: Darwyn, Gayle, Farik
Rating: PG-13 gen fic
Spoilers: end of season 1
Summary: Gayle, Darwyn, and Farik all question their faith.
Beta: Thanks to romanyg for the beta.

There Is No God But God


Showtime will not be renewing Sleeper Cell for a third season.

He also emphasizes that ratings aren't the primary factor in what drives him to renew or cancel a show. Because the premium network isn't beholden to advertisers, Greenblatt also takes into consideration critical acclaim and kudos, which led to a second-season pickup of the critically praised but low-rated drama "Brotherhood."

"For us, it's a matter of having a great lineup of shows that (subscribers) want to spend money on," he says.

But it's also a matter of limited shelf space, which led to the demise of the acclaimed "Sleeper Cell" after two installments.

"I would love to do more, but it really comes down to the economic question," he says. "These shows are very expensive to produce."

From the Hollywood Reporter article here.

Micheal Ealy has moved on to a new project...

Michael Ealy has landed a lead role in the ABC pilot "Suspect," a fast-paced procedural drama analyzing a lineup of suspects to determine the identity of the perpetrator.

And accorind to one imdb poster, fayvor2003, this was the idea for s3.

okay, here's the inside scoop on what was gonna' happen in the 3rd SLEEPER CELL -- of course, Darwyn is not dead. He wakes up in a US embassy Hospital, having been brought there by a mysterious blonde guy (re:Ilija). 18 months later, he's back in LA, most of his physical wounds healed(but not his psychological ones) & assigned to a Joint Terrorism Task Force Unit investigating terrorist threats on american soil. The Big Reveal is that Darwyn is undercover again -- this time working for an FBI internal investigations group that suspects someone inside the JTTF of leaking crucial info to Al Qaeda -- and Darwyn is tasked with finding the culprit...

MEANWHILE, unbeknownest to Darwyn, Farik has snuck back into the US and is hiding out on skid row in LA as the new Homeless Man and is recruiting new members to a new Sleeper Cell, determined to make one last strike against america -- but really Farik is on a suicide mission to eliminate Darwyn, revenge for the death of his wife, Samia...

that was the planned set-up for Season 3...

So disappointed we won't see that play out. I know a lot of people said there wasn't anywhere for the show to go after the second season but I really want to see Farik and Darwyn now openly at odds and Ilijia possibly working from the inside to help Darwyn and warring with his own feelings.

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Henri Lubatti Interview



Check out a recent interview with Henri for my online magazine. You can read the hard copy and/or listen to the podcast. If you know of any places where these links should be posted, please feel free to do so. However, we do not give permission for any content from the interview to be posted.