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whimsikalsavage in sleeper_cell

I have my local Borders ordering the soundtrack for me, but the theme isn't on it. Dammit.

Anyway, upon first seeing the last episode of season two I had assumed that Darwyn was still alive at the end, and since Farik got away I figured they pretty much left it wide open for a season three. But I just watched the last episode again and I'm not so sure. In the last scene did he die?


that's a good question, which has got me wondering. it was a weird ending and a bit unclear. I would say no, because if they were going to kill him off the ending would have been more clear about that and also he didn't utter the "there is no god but god" phrase which devout Muslims often do when they are dying or about to die.
I agree that Darwyn is indeed alive.
I believe that he his alive. At the time i think the were planning a third season but because michael elay went on to something else, the idea was scrapped :(