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This is a community for news and discussion regarding Showtime's original series, Sleeper Cell. Originally aired as a mini-series from December 4, 2005 until December 18, 2005, Showtime ran the series again "On Demand" and then as a weekly series at the beginning of 2006.

Season one is now available on DVD. Season two is currently in production and will premiere on Showtime December 10, 2006.

Season One--Sleeper Cell: Know Your Enemy.
Season Two--Sleeper Cell: American Terror.

This community allows general series discussion, news and queries, episode reviews, graphics and fanfiction about Sleeper Cell.

Community Rules:

1. Please use a cut-tag for spoilers. This includes all discussion regarding Season 2. Discussion on Season 1 will be considered spoiler-free as of January 1, 2007 since the Region 2 DVD set (U.K. release) will have been available for over (3) months.
2. Please use a cut-tag for large graphics and icon batches (four or more icons).
3. Please use a cut-tag for all fic, regardless of rating or length.
4. You are allowed to promote your community once only, as long as it's related to Sleeper Cell, its cast or production crew.
5. Absolutely no flames! We realize that this series is extremely topical. Deletion of inflammatory posts and comments will be at the discretion of the moderator.

Please contact romanyg (romanyg @ livejournal.com) with any questions.

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